2016. november 23., szerda

Favourites recently

I've bought this alverde face peeling back in summer without any specific reason. And it's working great on my mixed skin. I'm using in twice a week. It reduces oil in the T-zone and gets off dead skin and dirt from my pores.
The other one is Nivea's new silk mousse shower creme. I only got a sample size with a magazine. It looks like a hair mousse which is kind of funny. It suppose to provide extra rich care and silky, soft skin. Emmm... I don't really feel anything special maybe I should use bigger amount of it.
To be honest I'v never felt any moisture from any shower creme or gel which says moiturizing. Maybe I shouldn't be showering in flaming hot water... 😁 But I have my body skin saver cream with cocoa butter from Avon. (Not included in the pic.) Not sponsored post. (I wish... 😂)

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