2017. június 21., szerda

My Haircare Routine

I'm the worst blogger ever... 😅 I started this post about a month ago.. But no matter what, now I'm gonna finish it!

I've been asked a lot what I'm doing with my hair because "its's so long and healthy and straight". My usual answer is: Nothing. Well, it's not true in a particular way. But there's nothing special. I just let it grow. (Let it groow, let it grooow. Can't hold it back anymore. 😁)
Altough another important thing is my fantastic hairdresser who never cuts more than that would be necessary.
I rarely use any heat on my hair. I let it air-dry only use blow dryer in winter.
The next products I've been using for about half a year - I've already written about some of them - and these makes my hair look and feel nice. 👌🏼

First I simply wash my hair with the Oriflame Nature Secrets 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner with jojoba and mango. I mostly concentrate to the roots. I like this one but I prefer shampoos with pomegranate. I really like the smell of pomegranate and it really makes my hair feel nice and it gives a bit red shine to it - or maybe it's just my imagination.
After I rinsed the Oriflame shampoo out fully the next step is Swiss O-Par 's shampoo with coconut milk. I'm recently obsessed with coconut. I love to eat, to smell to rub it on my body, take it to my hair. I literally want to have a bath in coconut milk. So I lather this stuff and twist my hair to the top of my head in a bun. During showering my body and cleaning my face I let the coconut-shampoo do it's job which is making my hair soft and shiny.
At the end I rinse it and step out the shower. But I'm not finishing there. It's the turn of Oriflame's CC Cream Hair Care Beautifier. I love this stuff. It's in a spray bottle. The problem is that sometimes it's not spraying just spitting the product out.. But I can deal with it. So this beautifier prevents frizzyness and makes combing my hair easier.
For my ends I'm using Avon Advence Techniques Instant Repair 7 Split End Mender with Keratin Power Technology. (If I were a vlogger my tongue would become twisted AF from this product name.)
Then I wrap my hair in a towel and let it be like this for I don't even know how long but let's say 15 minutes. But surely till my roots get dry. After that spray my hair with Pantene Pro-V Instant Repair Spray and with Avon Advence Tecniques Sun-Light Spray which has UV-filter in it. These are smell sooo good. Especially the Avon one. It smells like summer. It reminds me the feeling when you're lying on the beach, sunbathing and enjoying the sunlight on your skin. Probably by the UV-filter. Probably it simply has the smell of a sunscreen but nevermind.
After all of that I let my hair air-dry aaand done.

2017. március 15., szerda

Rossmann Face Srcubs

Sorry for being away for this long, but I had to get back to my university lifestyle since my second semester started about a month ago and the teachers got us just right into the middle of everything.
But I also got some new stuff  to write about.
So the other day I went to Rossmann for a whole another thing but I ended up buying two facesrubs because they were on sale.

Both has panthenol, apricot ectract and one of them has active coal which is great for oily T-zone or more oily skin at all. But they're not drying too much. Some scrubs I used before made my sking flakey but these are not. These ones make my skin feel clean and smooth.
So despite the price these work quite well. 

2017. február 1., szerda

Eyeliner Battle - Avon vs. Oriflame

So I decided to do a side-by-side comparison of Avon True Colour Eyeliner in Blackest Black and Oriflame The One High Impact  Eye Pencil in Onyx Black.

The Avon-one was bit more soft and easy-sliding on my lid. I had to be a bit more careful with it. I think they changed the formula not just the fonts and the signs. I've been using this kind of liner for ages and just runned out of one which had the former package. I think that was a bit less gelly than this one. Or it was simply old. But it is sooo black. I think this really is the blackest black eyeliner I have.
The only con I can say is it's easy to get overdrawn because of the consistency but with some practice there would be no problem.

The Oriflame is more dry and it keeps it's thin tip for longer so you can be more precise with it. On the other hand I think it's slightly less black than the Avon liner and more matte which is not a problem. I'm just used to the other one. The package is shorter It doesn't means less product. It's 0,3 g/0,01 oz. the Avon is 0.28 g so quite equal. 
First and last I prefer the Avon liner because I'm used to that one. But I won't throw away the Oriflame one if that gets in my hand.

2017. január 25., szerda

Recent Oriflame Favourites

These products are my holy grails for winter.
A toner that hidrates my face and doesn't make dry and itchy. It reduces oilyness and cleans softly.
2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner with jojoba oil and mango that nourishes my hair and makes if soft and shiny.
And last but not least a CC hair beautyfier cream. It helps with dry, split dead ends and frizzyness. Makes my hair antistatic so my hair won't fly around my head after I take my beanie and scarf off.
The only problem I have with this one that it's a cream but it's in a spray bottle instead of a pump. It works more or less but there's always some residue on the top after I use it. I can take it off and take it to my hair with my fingers but... It's a spray bottle... I shouldn't use my fingers. Besides the easy product spreading the other meaning of a spray bottle should be that I don't have to use my fingers. But that's just my opinion. I love this stuff I won't stop using it just because of this little inconveniece. 

2017. január 16., hétfő

Hello 2017!

First world problems :D
So I went for a year-starter shopping. To be honest I'm not that satisfied with the result but more or less I got what I wanted. Rather less.
My number one thing was to buy jeans. I spent an hour and a half at H&M tried on at least 6 pair of jeans but could not find the perfect one. I bought a simple dark blue one and still thinking about returning. I was quite upset when I came out from the shop. Then I went to Tally Weijl and bought two bodiysuits a floral patterned and a marsala/burgundy/wine/godknows coloured one. I was looking for these for months. This was my only success that day. My last stop was dm. Originally I went there for dry shampoo but... Nevermind.
I bought a Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin foundation which I've purchased before but in a different shade that didn't matched with my skin tone. It was Ivory which was too pinky for me. I mixed it with an other shade to make it work.This time I bought it in the shade Nude because I have and Avon foundation with the same shade name which is more yellow-toned but a bit too light for me. And here comes the problem. This Maybelline's Nude shade is pinky as well and too dark for me. Although in the bottle it seems to be almost the same colour as the shade Ivory. So I really don't get it.
I like the consistency of this foundation, it blends nicely and just feels more light on my skin than the Avon one, and I really feel like it makes my skin better.
In the turn of shade. I mix the Maybelline's Nude with the Avon one again and that way they work quite well.
I thought I know what shade I am but now I have no idea... -.-

Maybelline Ivory, Nude, Avon Nude

I also repurchased the Maybelline One by One Volum'Express Satin Black which is my number one mascara. Recently I used my second favourite Rimmel Wonderfull mascara with argan oil. I think my lashes also need some extra care in winter. The third fave of mine is my go-to Avon SuperShock mascara. It separates my lashes really well and it's easy to use because of the short-spiked wand. 

2016. december 25., vasárnap

Chrsitmas post 5.: Happy Holidays!

To be honest I didn't planned anything for the 5th post. I hope everybody has a happy and peaceful Christmas/holidays or whatever you celebrate with your loved ones.

2016. december 24., szombat

Christmas post 4.: Outfit tips for family dinner

If you want to stay comfy but look festive at the same time an "ugly sweater" is the most obvious choice. There are some not-that-ugly-christmas-sweaters out there. They're just simply cute and comfy and christmassy of course.
Another great option is a flanel shirt. You can wear it by itself buttoned up or just throw over any T-shirt you like and there you go. Effortless but still put-together.
(Collage made at polyvore.com)