2017. február 1., szerda

Eyeliner Battle - Avon vs. Oriflame

So I decided to do a side-by-side comparison of Avon True Colour Eyeliner in Blackest Black and Oriflame The One High Impact  Eye Pencil in Onyx Black.

The Avon-one was bit more soft and easy-sliding on my lid. I had to be a bit more careful with it. I think they changed the formula not just the fonts and the signs. I've been using this kind of liner for ages and just runned out of one which had the former package. I think that was a bit less gelly than this one. Or it was simply old. But it is sooo black. I think this really is the blackest black eyeliner I have.
The only con I can say is it's easy to get overdrawn because of the consistency but with some practice there would be no problem.

The Oriflame is more dry and it keeps it's thin tip for longer so you can be more precise with it. On the other hand I think it's slightly less black than the Avon liner and more matte which is not a problem. I'm just used to the other one. The package is shorter It doesn't means less product. It's 0,3 g/0,01 oz. the Avon is 0.28 g so quite equal. 
First and last I prefer the Avon liner because I'm used to that one. But I won't throw away the Oriflame one if that gets in my hand.

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