2017. január 16., hétfő

Hello 2017!

First world problems :D
So I went for a year-starter shopping. To be honest I'm not that satisfied with the result but more or less I got what I wanted. Rather less.
My number one thing was to buy jeans. I spent an hour and a half at H&M tried on at least 6 pair of jeans but could not find the perfect one. I bought a simple dark blue one and still thinking about returning. I was quite upset when I came out from the shop. Then I went to Tally Weijl and bought two bodiysuits a floral patterned and a marsala/burgundy/wine/godknows coloured one. I was looking for these for months. This was my only success that day. My last stop was dm. Originally I went there for dry shampoo but... Nevermind.
I bought a Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin foundation which I've purchased before but in a different shade that didn't matched with my skin tone. It was Ivory which was too pinky for me. I mixed it with an other shade to make it work.This time I bought it in the shade Nude because I have and Avon foundation with the same shade name which is more yellow-toned but a bit too light for me. And here comes the problem. This Maybelline's Nude shade is pinky as well and too dark for me. Although in the bottle it seems to be almost the same colour as the shade Ivory. So I really don't get it.
I like the consistency of this foundation, it blends nicely and just feels more light on my skin than the Avon one, and I really feel like it makes my skin better.
In the turn of shade. I mix the Maybelline's Nude with the Avon one again and that way they work quite well.
I thought I know what shade I am but now I have no idea... -.-

Maybelline Ivory, Nude, Avon Nude

I also repurchased the Maybelline One by One Volum'Express Satin Black which is my number one mascara. Recently I used my second favourite Rimmel Wonderfull mascara with argan oil. I think my lashes also need some extra care in winter. The third fave of mine is my go-to Avon SuperShock mascara. It separates my lashes really well and it's easy to use because of the short-spiked wand. 

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