2016. december 3., szombat


So I've started watching some Hungarian Youtubers as well. Just to see how they're doing because I've just watched foreign ones till now. But to be honest none of them catched my attention that much.
Like back then when I saw Bunny's or Marzia's or any others of them who I'm watching, I was like "Oh these girls have interesting personality they have something unique in themselves, in their videos." But I don't feel the same with most of the Hungarian girls. They seem like a bit uncomfortable or even fake in front of the camera. Not all of them of course. I even have personal favourite: Viszkok Fruzsi.
I know that some of the girls making videos since ages and in Hungary it's still quite a new thing. I don't even want to judge them. It's just a personal opinion.
Anddd I'm thinking about starting a channel as well. But I'm too shy and due to lack of equipments technically unable.

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