2016. december 4., vasárnap


On Friday I was on duty to buy one piece of my boyfriends Christmas gift. Also I ran out of shampoo, shower gel so I went to dm as well.
I've read and heard a lot about the benefits of coconut oil or butter (I know they're the same just different consistecy.) and coconut milk. You can use it on your hair, your skin and in your food.
So. On Friday I let the hipe got me and bought a shampoo witch coconut milk and a shower gel with coconut and shea butter.
Tonight I've tried them and OMG. I'm obsessed. Especially with the shampoo.
First thing: The smell. It's sooo yummy like I want to eat it. Sadly the scent doesn't stay that long. I washed my hair at about 8. While I was blowdrying my hair it smelled so good. But now I can't really smell it.
Second: It works for sure. My hair is so smooth and soft and shiny and feels moisturized. Lately I've been dealing with some frizzyness and now it's gone.
Moving to the shower stuff. Smells also great. This one I can still smell it on my skin slightly. Maybe my skin is not that dry it was before shower. Maybe. It's hard to tell because my skin is extremely dry on my body recently. Furthermore this product is vegan and cruelty-free. To be honest I haven't seen this brand anywhere till now. Original Source is a UK brand they have some other stuffs as well. I'm going to link it to the end of the post.
Swiss O-Par is a German brand. I remember like I've maybe seen their products on dm back then but I've been so into Garnier and L'Oréal that I didn't really cared about other brands.
These two products were/are both on sale. The shampoo was/is 599 HUF and the shower butter was/is 499 HUF. If I remember well... 250 ml both.
I think totally worth it.
Original Source

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