2016. december 20., kedd

Christmas post 1.

Since I couldn't post on the last two Sunday due to studying for my finals I decided to post something every day until Christmas.
So there's going to be 5 Christmas related post with this one.
This first post is an icy-blue makeup look. The dark blue eyeliner is the star of this look. I drew it on my usual black then took the blue on the top of that but I think the blue itself would make it more fab.
I'm not a professional makeup artist. All I know I learned mostly from YouTube videos. I'm not using high-end products. I'm not telling anyone that's perfect what I'm doing or to use these products. Just showing and listing how and what I do what I use. Maybe it can be interesting for anyone. If not... I don't care. These are that I personally prefer and love. That's all. 😊💜

Used products:
Nivea Men After shave in Sensitive as primer
Oriflame Love Nature Corrector
Avon True Color Mattifying Foundation in Nude
Catrice Prime and Fine Professional Cotouring Palette in Ashy Radiance
Avon SuperShock eyeshadow base
Avon Little Red Dress eyeshadow squad in Hollywood
Avon True Color eyeliner in Starry Night
Avon Big Colur in Creamy Ice
Essence Extreme Lasting waterproof eye pencil in Silky Nude
Avon SuperShock mascara in Blackest Black

Oriflame The One lipstick in VIP Beige

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